I hope this note finds you and your families enjoying a great start to the new year! As I look back on the past 6 years or so I am grateful to Illustrious Sir Bob York, PP, for having the confidence and trust in me, to appoint me as Captain of The Guard. I had not been a Shriner for very long when I was asked to be part of the Divan and as a result, I did not know very many people at Orak. I had to lean on several Brothers who I knew from other organizations for guidance and direction, and I will be eternally grateful to Bob York, Bob Keuper, Wayne Hodgetts, Dale Rieder, Dale Morgan, and John Beach.

Through the years I have made friendships that will last my whole life. I have also been able to include my family in my Shrine Journey and look forward to many more years of Shrine memories with them by my side.

I would like to say Thank You, to all the Nobles of Orak Shrine for electing me to serve as Potentate for the past year. It has been an Honor and Pleasure to serve the Nobles and ladies of Orak Shrine. The success of the past 6 years reflects the commitment of all the Nobles and Ladies of Orak Shrine. It has been my pleasure to serve with some of the most competent, compassionate, intelligent, driven, and capable men of the Orak Divan. I have all the confidence in our current Divan and look forward to supporting them and seeing where they will lead us.

It has been said, in most organizations 10% of the people do 90% of the work and I know this to be true of our organization. I would like to thank Virgil Clary for doing an excellent job as Colonel of the Units this year. The communication between the Divan, units and Nobility has been great this year. I also would like to thank my committee chairmen, Wayne Hodgetts, PP (Hospital Golf), Carl Dykman (Onion), Frank Fotia (Hog Roast), Bill Snyder & Brian Bartoszek (Car & Bike Show), Al Pante (Sportsman’s Raffle), Robert Gaskill (Circus), Frank Trapane (Parade Marshall), Dale Rieder, PP (Pilgrimage), Ross Bailey (Membership), Eric Pittman (Social Media), Bob Keuper, PP & Matt Pollard (Web Site), John Bridegroom, PP (Public Relation/Graphic Designer/Publisher/……………. thank you). These Nobles make up a good portion of the 10% and without them stepping up, we could not do the events that we do. From fundraising to just fun we need the support of every Noble. As we look to the future, I would ask every Noble to consider stepping up as these Nobles have, to help and support Orak Shrine.

I want to congratulate Illustrious Sir, Gary Tapley, on being elected to the position of Potentate of Orak Shrine for the Year “2022”. I would also like to congratulate all the newly elected Divan Officers and Divan appointments. I wish you all the best and look forward to supporting you this year.

Most of all, I would like to thank my wife, Lisa and my daughters, Megan & Abby for allowing me to be a part of Orak Shrine to the extent that I am. They have supported me unconditionally and tolerated my absence at home or at school functions when my schedule pulled me other directions. I could not have done it without you girls, I love You.


God Bless You All,

Timothy F. Lawson, Potentate 2021