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We March so Children Can Walk! The Arab Patrol is Orak Shrine’s proud marching unit! We are the oldest unit at Orak; our Patrol was founded in 1910. The Arab Patrol participates in many local parades throughout the year.

We also display our marching skills in both competitive and non-competitive drill performances. During these parades and drill routines we execute a variety of marching maneuvers to both please the crowd and, of course, to have a good time! As a unit, the Patrol also hosts several non-marching related events throughout the year. During these events, we look forward to one thing-Good, old-fashioned family fun!

2018 Arab Patrol Officers & Information

Description of Unit: The Arab Patrol is a marching unit that participates in many parades throughout the year, along with competitive drill performances.

Prerequisites & Special Requirements for Joining: Noble in Good Standing

President: Robert Gaskill (219)-616-4512 rjgaskill1984@yahoo.com

Appearances Unit Makes: 9 times per year

Vice President: Danny Martin (219)-242-4075 cow463912000@yahoo.com

Meeting Dates: 4th Thursday, monthly

Treasurer/Secretary: John York (219)-765-5423 jcy@msn.com

Membership Size: 125 Nobles

Dues: $30 per year

Location of Meeting Arab Patrol Room at Orak Shrine 3848 N. Frontage Rd, Michigan City, IN 46360

Type of Uniforms: Parade shirt with Fez

Special Events: Trunk-R-Treat in October, yearly