Black Camel

We dedicate this page to the upstanding members, that regrettably, are no longer with us. These members have passed through the Unseen Portals and now carry the title of “Black Camel”. This title, in the Shrine, symbolizes the loss of our fallen brethren.  We are proud to have known such noble men, who are now eternally at rest. Let us pay our solemn respects to our departed brethren.


Deon Wright Aberdeen NC 01/05/20


Carroll E. Austin St. John IN 03/12/19
Daniel E. Boganwright Griffith IN 06/16/19
Reed M. Brosius Cedar Lake IN 04/20/19
Ronald L. Carter Crown Point IN 05/24/19
Rocco DeBeneditto Highland IN 09/02/19
James A. Dry Michigan CIty IN 07/19/19
Elmer J. Glade Lowell IN 09/05/19
Paul D. Hale Knox IN 02/17/19
Kenneth L. Klinedinst Walkerton IN 09/07/19
Jack C. Luchtman Michigan City IN 05/15/19
James M. McCauley, Jr. Hammond IN 12/05/19
Robert L. Miller, Sr. South Bend IN 04/27/19
Bobby G. Ralph Greenwood IN 04/03/19
Theron Sack Cedar Lake IN 06/07/19
Clarence "Dutch" Schultz Highland IN 02/14/19
Eugene P. Toth Griffith IN 01/18/19
Robert York, PP Avon IN 05/12/19


Jerry L. Brandenburg Mishawaka IN 02/04/18
Jack A. Bremer Jackson TN 02/10/18
Robert H. Brown Lansing IL 04/27/18
Richard W. Butler South Bend IN 10/17/18
Charles T. Daube Walkerton IN 03/03/18
Warren A. Goodlad St. John IN 02/04/18
James E. Grogan Michigan City IN 05/30/18
Albert C. Hand Munster IN 09/25/18
Clarence D. Harter Hobart IN 06/22/18
Robert  C. Hodgson Bristol IN 11/13/18
Jerry M. Janco Munster IN 09/01/18
Morgan A. Ketchum South Bend IN 02/25/18
Robert J. Killens Merrillville IN 05/12/18
Lawrence A. Lundgren Merrillville IN 12/10/18
John W. Marcrom Lake Station IN 02/24/18
Earl Meneely, Jr. Chesterton IN 06/15/18
David L. Pawson LaPorte IN 09/22/18
Morris W. Pratt Hobart IN 03/26/18
Calvin L. Sleeman Highland IN 04/30/18
Raymond F. Solberg Grafton WV 05/27/18
John L. Tanke Niles MI 01/03/18
Clarence A. Tapper, PP San Antonio TX 01/17/18
Preston G. Thorpe Hammond IN 06/25/18
Donald A. VanMeter Lawton MI 10/25/18
William G. Wagoner South Bend IN 07/18/18
James E. Welling, Sr. South Bend IN 07/01/18
Robert H. Whitmer South Bend IN 06/19/18
A. William Wolfram Notre Dame IN 12/27/17


C. Donald Chappell Highland IN 07/30/17
Robert A. Day West Lafayette IN 01/16/17
George H. Greenawalt Columbus NE 10/31/17
R. James Hamblin Knox IN 02/27/17
Hager Minix North Judson IN 08/14/17
Robert Roach Michigan City IN 02/09/17
Donald F. Rogers Elkhart IN 03/19/17
Edward Steen Little River SC 04/10/17
Peter T. Zivanovich Boynton Beach FL 01/24/17


Robert B. Bailey, P.I.P. Ogden Dunes IN 08/12/16
Jon R. Beach La Porte IN 07/02/16
Roger A. Braman Knox IN 01/17/16
John A. Bunch Valparaiso IN 07/27/16
Joseph H. Chapel Valparaiso IN 01/24/16
Dennis V. Coates Westville IN 04/21/16
Thomas D. Cripliver Lake Station IN 09/20/16
Donald W. Davies Harbert MI 12/01/16
Harold  Goodwin, Jr South Bend IN 02/27/16
Donald L. Hawkins Crown Point IN 12/17/16
Terry  Kleban Crown Point IN 10/05/16
John M. Kouroubetes South Bend IN 01/19/16
Jesse  Lowery Granger IN 07/19/16
Perry F. Lucas North Judson IN 11/11/16
George E. Maney Chesterton IN 09/25/16
Dale T. Morgan Valparaiso IN 05/19/16
John C. Pease Michigan City IN 08/12/16
George R. Reith, Jr Niles MI 06/19/16
Kenneth W. Roberts Valparaiso IN 01/24/16
H. Edward Ross Valparaiso IN 06/11/16
William R. Seybold South Bend IN 10/24/16
David W. Shake Schereville IN 08/20/16
Larry G Springer Rio Rancho NM 07/24/16
James D. Wilson Crown Point IN 10/08/16


Walter G. Alexander Hammond IN 07/15/15
Carroll G. Anderson, Jr Schererville IN 01/09/15
Richard G. Bleck Trail Creek IN 12/01/15
Richard L. Bridegroom Schererville IN 05/15/15
Dennis J. Dillman South Bend IN 10/25/15
Lloyd J. Fillio Elkhart IN 06/18/15
Waldo L. Foster Griffith IN 01/10/15
George  Gagliardi Hammond IN 10/07/15
Ralph  Gonzales Hobart IN 06/23/15
Alfred V. Hurst Hobart IN 01/24/15
Herbert H. Johnston DeMotte IN 04/18/15
Joseph B. Jollief Crown Point IN 01/22/15
James  Karnafel Dyer IN 11/23/15
David E. Kinson Edwardsburg MI 05/04/15
Charles W. LaLonde Merrillville IN 01/12/15
Harry R. Marrell Valparaiso IN 01/09/15
Oscar M. Nedberg Crown Point IN 04/09/15
William M. Orenick Westville IN 12/01/15
Donald S. Powers Dyer IN 04/21/15
Fred  Rainey Homestead FL 03/22/15
William L. Rouch Aiken SC 06/04/15
Gilles  Sasseville Crown Point IN 06/04/15
J. Willard Simcox LaPorte IN 05/16/15
Charles W. Spicker Pierceton IN 03/14/15
George  Thomas Crown Point IN 09/04/15
Donald J. Umpleby, Jr Peoria IL 06/13/15
Jack E. Van Koten Crown Point IN 01/12/15
Robert  VanDuyn Lake Village IN 01/13/15
James C. Varner Woodstock GA 02/03/15
Vernon D. Zolman Naples FL 06/14/15


Carl  Athey, Jr Merrillville IN 12/17/14
Elmer  Bailey Maynardville IN 11/11/14
Gordon W. Bates Crown Point IN 02/24/14
Berton  Beaman Franklin NC 01/01/14
Joe H. Callahan Mesa AZ 12/22/14
Howard O. Cyrus Highland IN 03/22/14
Ronald L. Davis Hernando FL 07/25/14
Joseph O. Emrich Munster/Dyer IN 12/05/14
Donald  Henry Lowell IN 05/21/14
Richard B. Humphrey Munster IN 07/05/14
William R. Karriman Hobart IN 07/07/14
Thomas C. Katris Munster IN 10/06/14
Frank L. King Lowell IN 03/26/14
James R. Larimer Goshen IN 02/07/14
Robert  Mansfield IL 03/21/14
Maxie B. Morris New Chicago IN 07/22/14
Vernon T. Nehmelman Valparaiso IN 01/01/14
Walter H. Obara Fair Oaks IN 05/24/14
Neil  Ohlendorf Lowell IN 02/03/14
Lloyd I. Oman Sellersburg IN 10/04/14
Monie C. Parker Valparaiso IN 02/06/14
David A. Ridgway Belleview FL 10/01/14
Pete J. Rogers Griffith IN 12/21/14
Claude R Sangster Hobart IN 04/08/14
Nick  Sarengach, Sr Highland IN 07/23/14
Charles K. Sederberg Valparaiso IN 06/30/14
Vern  Segert Crown Point IN 09/06/14
Gregory S. Servey Oxford IN 07/01/14
Edgar C. Sly Union Mills IN 09/29/14
Dean  Squire Ogden Dunes IN 07/13/14
Edward  Stefanko Michigan City IN 09/02/14
Duane P. Timmons DeMotte IN 12/29/14
Harold W. Wiseman Elkhart IN 07/08/14


Charles  Baudouine Valparaiso IN 02/09/13
Richard A. Buell Michigan City IN 02/24/13
John D. Butler South Bend IN 05/11/13
Henry V. Caprous Valparaiso IN 11/03/13
John L. Flood Munster IN 06/08/13
Robert L. Frum Portage IN 05/19/13
David G. Graham South Bend IN 10/16/13
John W. Hall Hammond IN 10/04/13
James D. Hall, P.P. Cassopolis MI 09/15/13
David C. Hay, Jr Granger IN 12/29/13
Kenneth M. Hefner St John IN 12/06/13
Steve J. Housty Lakeland IN 05/02/13
Edward J. Hundle Warsaw IN 06/26/13
Albert W. Hunt Wanatah IN 04/03/13
Virgil L. Jean Hammond IN 01/03/13
Kenneth A. Johnson LaPorte IN 08/03/13
Edward R. Larson Michigan City IN 10/02/13
Tyree H. Moody Niles MI 09/24/13
Harold L. Morris Gary IN 04/16/13
John A. Naffziger Michigan City IN 01/26/13
Harry L. Perkins Hamlet IN 12/18/13
Francis A. Ray Highland IN 07/15/13
Billy E. Rees Tuscan AZ 10/15/13
Randall E. Remus Hobart IN 01/30/13
William N. Renn, P.P. Leesburg FL 06/13/13
H. B. Rouse Lake Village IN 01/29/13
Dorlyn L. Sams Crown Point IN 03/06/13
Forest S. Schneider Gulfport MS 12/30/13
Raleigh W. Sell Griffith IN 05/15/13
Carson  Spear, Sr Lansing IL 01/13/13
Gordon G. Summers Fairfield Glade TN 06/23/13
William  Swindle Lake Mary FL 04/15/13
Richard C. Thistle, P.P. LaPorte IN 04/27/13
Delbert F. Wagner Alta Loma CA 11/14/13
Franklin E. Wayne Fenwick WV 01/02/13


Larry E. Adams Porter IN 06/04/12
Richard F. Alliss Rensselaer IN 03/24/12
Ralph  Anderson South Bend IN 04/14/12
James T. Bailey, P.P. Ogden Dunes IN 05/29/12
William F. Baldwin DeMotte IN 11/29/12
Glenn D. Bovard Valparaiso IN 11/12/12
George H. Brown, Jr South Bend IN 12/25/12
Royce H. Coulson, Sr Highland IN 10/15/12
Eugene F. DeLong, P.P. Knox IN 03/24/12
John  Diamond Gary IN 06/14/12
Chauncey S. Dickey Hammond IN 07/15/12
William  Diedrich, Jr Leslie AR 09/10/12
Frank E. Erfurth Gary IN 10/28/12
Herbert E. Freeman North Judson IN 09/06/12
Henry  Garrison Munster IN 06/16/12
John C. Green Cove Spring FL 06/08/12
Vane L. Harrison Morocco IN 06/19/12
Archie R. Henderson South Bend IN 04/01/12
Charles S. Hicks Mount Vernon IL 02/14/12
Jacque E. Hollister South Bend IN 04/08/12
Henry T. Horton Schererville IN 01/25/12
Walkers S. Kisselburgh, P.P. Los Angeles CA 08/17/12
Timothy P. Lindley Morgantown PA 08/26/12
James W. Livingston, Sr Hammond IN 12/21/12
Donald  Lueth Portage IN 08/15/12
Alexander T. MacLeod, Jr Walkerton IN 11/17/12
Wesley F. Marlin Portage IN 11/21/12
Larry W. Nelson Hammond IN 03/27/12
David  Nowacyk Dyer IN 04/15/12
James H. O’Neal Schererville IN 06/26/12
Richard M. Parbst, P.P. Munster IN 05/05/12
James H. Puckett Hobart IN 02/17/12
Denis E. Ribordy, P.P. Naples FL 09/04/12
Milo J. Sarasota Hammond IN 03/27/12
Philip G. Seals South Bend IN 01/02/12
Lynn  Shephard Hammond IN 06/09/12
Richard L. Shobe Valparaiso IN 05/11/12
Kenneth  St. Pierre 06/28/12
Roger S. Timm Munster IN 04/02/12
Robert L. Vinovich Munster IN 03/18/12
Burton A. Weitemeyer Lansing IL 08/16/12
Phillip  Wooton 02/20/12
Donald E. Zellers North Liberty IN 03/23/12
Donato A. Zingarelli Lakeland FL 03/27/12


Harry C. Adams 11/04/11
Irvan P. Becker Okeechobee FL 02/05/11
Aaron E. Busch Syracuse IN 04/14/11
William R. Cales Griffith IN 02/13/11
Robert W. Emerick Michigan City IN 03/30/11
Jerry E. George Valparaiso IN 12/31/11
Ronald L. Hartman Cantoment FL 09/26/11
Raymond C. Hauser 10/09/11
Robert A. Hawkins Schererville IN 03/31/11
Len  Hedinger Dyer IN 09/06/11
Richard D. Knapp LaCrosse IN 05/04/11
George T Machacek 12/17/11
Frank E. McKinnon Lake Station IN 01/23/11
John H. Meyers Hammond IN 01/05/11
James L. Miller Dale IN 04/11/11
Jack D. Neff Merrillville IN 02/06/11
Earl  Osby Hebron IN 12/29/11
Bud  Parker Michigan City IN 06/15/11
Russel E. Patton 11/19/11
Harold H Roth Michigan City IN 12/07/11
Michael D. Salima Dyer IN 11/10/11
Wayne  Shobe Valparaiso IN 02/05/11
Cliffard L. Stull South Bend IN 08/23/11
Lawrence A. Ulbrich Merrillville IN 12/15/11
Erland A. Widuger Crown Point IN 02/11/11
Edward H. Wilkinson Miami FL 07/28/11
Calvin B. Willis 10/14/11
Gerald L. Wood Franklin IN 03/11/11


Dean  Anderson Walkerton IN 10/10/10
Wayne  Arndt Mount Morris IL 10/17/10
Philip B. Bailey Crown Point IN 02/13/10
William D. Blasingame, P.P. Indianapolis IN 02/22/10
Al  Brabazon Westville IN 10/27/10
Richard D. Breyfogle Valparaiso IN 01/29/10
Dwane  Carden, P.P. Crown Point IN 02/09/10
Frank J. Deisch South Bend IN 12/22/10
Raymond M Douglas, P.P. Elkhart IN 04/17/10
Robert  Dujardin Granger IN 11/04/10
Robert W. Engstrand Steger IL 07/11/10
John T. Gaiter Scottsdale AZ 12/03/10
James  Higgins New Carlisle IN 03/04/10
Joseph  Hlatko Monticello IN 08/20/10
John E. Hodgins, Jr Kingsbury IN 12/27/10
Lloyd  Horvath Elizabeth IN 12/07/10
Keith W. Hyland Culver IN 07/10/10
Raymond  Kenady Naples FL 10/24/10
George  Kerr Lansing IL 12/15/10
Paul F. Killian Laporte IN 04/13/10
Richard  Kunze New Carlisle IN 07/05/10
Thomas W. Locious Melbourne FL 02/07/10
Wilmer E. Loudermilk Cedar Lake IN 01/10/10
Clarence E. Martinie Merrillville IN 12/12/10
Kenneth  Maurer South Bend IN 12/09/10
John R. Neely Hobart IN 02/20/10
Eugene A. Pullin North Liberty IN 01/28/10
Donald F. Rance Hebron IN 02/13/10
Charles  Rinehart Crown Point IN 12/18/10
John  Rooda Hobart IN 10/21/10
Thomas J. Rutkowski Michigan City IN 06/26/10
Adrew  Sabau Crown Point IN 01/29/10
Paul  Seybert, P.P. Fort Wayne IN 11/18/10
Arthur A. Steen Silver Springs FL 02/06/10
Willard  Toll, Jr South Bend IN 12/15/10
Eugene  Webb North Judson IN 04/08/10


Ronald G. Allee Mount Dora FL 11/15/09
David J. Allen Munster IN 10/02/09
Alex  Burkus Rolling Prairie IN 04/29/20
W. Dale Christner Nappanee IN 01/08/09
Michael  Haddad Westville IN 06/26/09
Robert C. Ivy Highland IN 10/24/09
Lester R. Lung Goshen IN 02/20/09
Fred D. Martin Cedar Lake IN 08/29/09
Richard M. May Munster IN 09/03/09
William D. Smulders, Sr LaPorte IN 12/28/09