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Motor Patrol

The Orak Motor Patrol is the Motorized Parade Unit of Orak Shriners. The Motor Patrol includes the motorcycle drill team and motorcycle parade team, mini cars, flying carpets, Corvettes & classic cars, mini choppers, mini semis and pretty much anything else we can fit wheels and a motor onto.

The Motor Patrol participates in parades across NW Indiana where we perform precision maneuvers on our Motorcycles and mini cars. The Motor Patrol appears in approximately 20 parades each year


   President:  Jim Iles (219)-670-6678 jimiles@yahoo.com

   Treasurer: Norm Smith

   Secretary: Bob Guthrie (574)-276-1243 

   Email: robertguthriemason@gmail.com

Unit Captains:

  Motorcycles: Brian Bartoszek

  Mini-Cars:  Jim Iles

  Flying Carpets:  Jim Marion

  Corvettes / Classic Cars: Larry Huber

Meeting Information:

The Motor Patrol meets the 3rd Wednesday of each month.  Meetings are held in the Motor Patrol unit room at Orak Shrine, 3848 North Frontage Road, Michigan City, IN.  Dinner is at 6:00 pm and the meeting at 7:00 pm, Central time

Special Events:

Steak Fry,

Imperial Convention

Great Lakes Motor Corps Competition

Just about any other excuse for a party we can think of


Membership:  ~95 Nobles         

Dues: $50/yr  (Includes Great Lakes & Imperial MP dues)

Prerequisites & Special Requirements for Joining: Approved Parade Vehicle

Uniform: Navy blue police trousers with gold stripe, white uniform shirt, Fez


In 1872 a group of 13 Freemasons created the fraternity known as the Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine. In 1922 they began construction on the first Shriners Hospital for Children. Today, the organization is known as Shriners International and there are approximately 400,000 Shriners throughout the world. The Shriners hospital system has grown to 22 hospitals in North America and have become known as the Worlds Greatest Philanthropy.

(219) 872-0485


3848 N Frontage Rd Michigan City, Indiana 46360

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