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The Ritual Cast is a service and social unit that perform the Ritualistic Section of the Ceremonials. They meet 7 out of 12 months of the year for business meetings and practices. They also attend circus’s,and other social functions.

2018 Ritualist Cast Officers & Information

Description of Unit:We are a sevice and social unit that performs the Ritualistic section of the ceremonial. We attend other functions as decided by the membership.

Prerequisites & Special Requirements for Joining: Noble in Good Standing

President: Carl Wampler (219)-508-7881 orakpote05@aol.com

Appearances Unit Makes: 7 regular meetings and any Ceremonials required by the Divan

Vice-President: Joseph Skora (219)-791-0917 jskora@sbcglobal.net

Meeting Dates: 1st Saturday @ 9 am – Apr., May, June, Sept, Oct. ,Nov. & Dec.

Treasurer: Paul Crowell (219)-395-0168 paulcrowell87@gmail.com


Secretary: Robert Hicks (574)-440-0675 rlhicks001@yahoo.com

Membership Size: 13 Nobles

Dues: $25 per year

Location of Meeting: Ritual Cast Room at Orak Shrine 3848 N. Frontage Rd, Michigan City, IN 46360

Type of Uniforms:Gold Dunhill jacket, black trousers, white shirt and tie/socks

Special Events: Christmas party and or summer picnic



In 1872 a group of 13 Freemasons created the fraternity known as the Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine. In 1922 they began construction on the first Shriners Hospital for Children. Today, the organization is known as Shriners International and there are approximately 400,000 Shriners throughout the world. The Shriners hospital system has grown to 22 hospitals in North America and have become known as the Worlds Greatest Philanthropy.

(219) 872-0485


3848 N Frontage Rd Michigan City, Indiana 46360

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